About Aromatherapy Jewellery

The Scent Free Treatment

Despite aromatherapy being one of our earliest forms of healing using our olfactory responses, somewhere in the recent past we messed it up and produced synthetic and harmful products.


This has lead to highly reactionary sensitivities to scented products and rightfully so.

Synthetic fragrances cause headaches, sore throats, respiratory issues, nasal irritations and skin reactions.

But not our super hero The Essential Oil. 

Essential oils are all natural and are safe for scent sensitivities, however, due to all the stigmas surrounding scent those of us relying on essential oils for emotional wellness are left with no option but "Do not wear"...OneRoot stepped forward and created wearable diffusers to allow the use and benefits of emotional wellness from aromatherapy minus giving off the scent.

Discreet, personal and scent free aromatherapy.

The Diffusers

All OneRoot aromatherapy diffusers are handmade and one of a kind.

Using clay and precious metal each piece is created to diffuse essential oils making it personal and private. 

A fresh way to explore the world of essential oils and learn which oils you work best with. Feeling anxious? Need to wake up?

Change the scent as often as you wish, hang them in the car, put them in the window, rock the jewellery with a sweet outfit!

Perfect for scent free environments 

Keep your treatments close. We all need something and this is yours. 

Your new bestie.