About Natural Skin Treatments

Why Natural?

It takes seconds for our skin to absorb what we put in it, then to the blood stream and the organs. Take care and put good things in there!! Feel good about what you're putting on and in your body!

Connect with what your body needs to make itself well.

The body can repair itself when given the right ingredients. 

We have a synergy with the earth, we are composed of the same building blocks and foundations as the flowers, the sun, the plants and the seas. Naturally these elements will also play a role in our best selves.

Essential oils mimic our bodies healing cells, providing minerals, AHA's, omegas, vitamins and nutrients.  

For example, carrot seed essential oil is a fantastic anti aging treatment, she also is a natural sunscreen and loaded with vitamin A and beta carotene. Good inside and out!!

OneRoot recipes have an abundance of healing properties with noticeable results and a feel good mind/body connection.

The Ingredients

Nothing but the best.

The OneRoot garden supplies herbal ingredients such as organic borage, chamomile, rosemary and mint.

OneRoot skin treatments are made to treat skin issues. These are not creams that smell pretty and have lavender, these are creams with an abundance of essential oils developed for specific intentions, therefore the essence is earthy and natural. OneRoot treatments are luscious and rich with essential oils and natural ingredients. 

Raw, clean, purposeful and nutrient rich, that is what you will get with OneRoot's products. Superior quality ingredients, knowledgeable recipes and noticeable results.

Mother Nature's best gifts in your hand.