About OneRoot


OneRoot provides essential oil based skin & mind care products made from Earth's natural healing elements using raw oils, butters, plants, vitamins & minerals. Nothing synthetic. Ever.

A symbiotic and holistic relationship treating mind & body synergy with positive ingredients the body understands. Designed to heal on a cellular level externally while olfactory responses provide psychological wellness internally.

Packaged in reusable glass apothecary jars to maintain product integrity & environmental consciousness.

100% essential oils are the fundamental ingredients created from personal & knowledgable handcrafted recipes.

Made in small batches by the sea with good intentions and superior quality ingredients.

Mind/body holistic love. Mother Nature's Kitchen.


Angie is the face behind OneRoot.

When growing up in a house that lived with natural health and wellness, her passion to heal and help others comes naturally. 

Angie stands by clean, healthy and eco-safe ingredients good for the body and the planet.

After years of making herbal tea blends for medicinal benefits, Angie then furthered her knowledge absorbing the world of essential oil and carrier oil properties for the ultimate blend in holistic healing.

Using this knowledge combined with old family recipes and traditions, OneRoot has created exceptional products for personal care and holistic wellness. With a mandate for all natural. 

All OneRoot recipes are Angies own, made for specific intentions using her vast knowledge of essential oils, herbs, and vitamins. 

All batches are made small and full of big love. 

Live naturally! Tread lightly! Give back! Pay it forward! 

The easiest way to live the best life is to do it naturally. How it's meant to be.